धारा-107. सहकारी समिति का पता- 2[(1)] प्रत्येक सहकारी समिति का नियम रीति से निबन्धित एक पता होगा और सभी नोटिस और पत्र समिति को इस पते पर भेजे जा सकेगे। समिति अपने पते में किसी परिवर्तन को नोटिस ऐसा परिवर्तन के दिन के भीतर निबन्धक को भेजेगी।


3[2]  Every co-operative society shall, at every office or place where it carries on business, display its name and address of its registered offices along with he words registered under the Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1965 in legible character at a conspicuous place and shall also mention the same-

(a)  in all notice and other publications authorized by it,

(b)  in all business contracts, business letters, order for goods, invoices, statements of accounts, receipts and letters of credits, and

(c)  in all bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements, cheques and orders for money it signs that are signed on its behalf]